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1. PROCESS PERFECTED BROCHURE 2020 With quality and innovation at the core of our business, we are the global liquid processing efficiency experts.

7. OUR KEY LOCATIONS From the UK, USA and all the way to Australia, we’re right there beside you. UK From our Nottingham head office, we provide a range of products and solutions to businesses throughout the UK. +44 (0)115 925 4700 info@hps-pigging.com USA & CANADA HPS has customers throughout the US, Canada, Central and South America, ranging from major household name brands to smaller, family-run businesses. 908 858 5225 usa@hps-pigging.com AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND Based in Edwardstown, South Australia, HPS Australia provides liquid product recovery and transfer systems throughout Australasia. +61 (0) 8 8278 1009 australia@hps-pigging.com Brazil India Mexico Singapore China Thailand Malaysia & Indonesia We also have official representatives based in:

2. IT’S EASY WITH HPS Quite simply, with our decades of experience and proven track record, we’re the natural choice for all of your pigging needs, setting the standard for best industry practices. So, what makes us different? UNMATCHED CUSTOMER CARE Each member of our team is devoted to providing a dedicated service. We put our customers and their businesses at the heart of everything we do and will always do our best to respond to their needs. SEAMLESS COMMUNICATION Our skilled team is chosen to deliver projects based on their relevant experience and knowledge, and will ensure each project runs smoothly from start to finish. We’ll even check in to make sure projects meet customers’ requirements and expectations. EXCEPTIONAL TECHNICAL CAPABILITY Our design and engineering teams are among the most experienced and skilled in the sector, while our equipment is designed and manufactured to the highest standard, and is among the most advanced in terms of capabilities. A PAIN-FREE EXPERIENCE Each member of our team is devoted to providing a dedicated and unparalleled service, we put our customers and their businesses at the heart of everything we do and will always do our best to respond to our customers’ nee ds. A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS We’re also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, so you can be sure we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to safety and industry standards. INTRODUCTION Our systems are renowned for their technical excellence and performance capabilities, and we have over 25 years of experience in creating and providing high-quality pigging and liquid transfer solutions, products and services - from design and installation right through to support and after-sales care. THE HPS WAY

5. OUR CLIENTS We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients over the last few decades, many of which are household names. HPS provided a great product and a great service. We’re extremely satisfied with our experience with HPS and recommend them to others. Stan Pintar, KIK Custom Products “ “ The solution was simple to use. The HMI was customisable to suit our needs and everyone we dealt with from sales to parts to installation and programming was fantastic to work with. Jeff Gr een, Log House Foods The HPS systems resulted in a clear increase in product yields, equating to 48,000 extra cans per week. Robin Thompson “ WHAT DO OUR CLIENTS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT US?

4. HOMECARE & HOUSEHOLD From detergents to washing up liquid, we’ve helped a wide variety of organisations increase product yields, improve cleaning and enhance process efficiency. BEAUTY AND PERSONAL CARE From creams to lotions, shampoo to cosmetics, we have extensive experience in supplying pigging systems that deliver a great return on investment. BEVERAGE The drinks industry often performs multiple pipeline pigging operations each day, and we have helped leading brands prevent contamination and speed up changeover times, saving tens of thousands of gallons of product each year. FOOD Our hygienic pigging and sanitary processes have helped food manufacturers to lower product changeover and cleaning times, save water, reduce contamination and increase yields. PAINTS AND CO A TINGS We have helped many leading brands to quickly transfer raw product into mixing tanks, avoid cross-contamination after changeovers, speed up processing and recover significant amounts of usable product. PE T FOOD With the premiumisation of pet food, we have helped manufacturers who process a large variety of different products to maintain the efficiency and cleanliness of their production lines. WHAT INDUSTRIES DO WE WORK IN? We have worked on hundreds of successful pigging projects worldwide, and work within the following industries and processes: ABOUT US

3. EVERY PROCESS CAN BE IMPROVED. Most of our systems are bespoke, and we’re all about helping companies to solve problems and improve their efficiency. From designing your system to training your staff, we’ll be with you every step of the way and guarantee that you won’t find the high levels of performance, knowledge, quality or service delivered by HPS anywhere else. • Increase profitability • Improve process efficiency and productivity • Maximise product yield • Reduce waste and contamination risks • Lower cleaning costs • Increase capacity and flexibility OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT Did you know that pigging systems from HPS can help to recover 99.5% of residual product that would otherwise go to waste? As pigging saves product and other external resources, it has a positive environmental impact, helping companies to progress towards sustainability goals. We’re committed to improving the environmental sustainability of our business, and our innovative solutions have a profound, positive impact on the environmental footprint of the businesses we supply to and work with. OUR CORE VALUES QUALITY We know that happy customers and staff are the key, which is why we only supply the highest quality products and services and are constantly striving for improved job satisfaction. INNOVATION We’re all about finding ways to improve our customers’ businesses, which is why we’re imaginative and innovative in all that we do. SIMPLICITY We take the time to make everything as simple as possible, from your initial enquiry to our continued help and support, while our installation teams work with our customers to ensure maximum efficiency at all times. INTEGRITY We always deliver on our promises and pride ourselves on our ethics and integrity. ABOUT US HERE’S WHAT OUR PIGGING TECHNOLOGIES CAN DO

6. SERVICES AND EQUIPMENT Everything you need for product recovery, transfer and pipeline cleaning As the world’s leading specialists, we have designed and created equipment for product recovery and pipeline pigging systems across a wide range of industries. We provide simple, efficient systems and products that deliver results, ensuring our solutions fit seamlessly into existing operations, and never walk away from a challenge. INNOVATIVE PIGGING SYSTEMS PIG LAUNCHERS, RECEIVERS AND RETURN STATIONS AUTOMATED PIGGING PROCESS CONTROL HPS design and manufacture unique and innovative pipeline pigging products and systems, including: Pig stations, launchers and receivers are used to introduce the pigs into the line safely, propel the pig along the line and store the pigs offline when not in use. We can supply standalone or integrated automatic systems and use our extensive experience and knowledge to develop and write flexible, robust software to meet requirements. • Hygienic (Sanitary) and Process Pigs • HPS process pigs are specially designed for effective, reliable and efficient hygienic pipeline pigging. • No solid magnets are used - increasing safety and reducing product contamination. • The process is highly flexible - delivering exceptional cleaning and product recovery, even around 1.5D bends. • Long-lasting and reliable, and can also be steam cleaned up to 250 degrees Centigrade. • A typical, full pipeline recovery efficiency of 99.5%. • Dependable, efficient and effective - all HPS pigs are bi-directional, so can travel either way along the pipe. • Minimal cross-contamination risks and the highest standards of hygiene. • Interlocking robust safety features - to minimise safety risks. • Increase in productivity, operational efficiency and process speed • Enhanced safety - automation reduces the possibility of human error. • Maximum levels of cleanliness. • Reduction in manual working hours. LIQUID TRANSFER AND DISTRIBUTION SPECIALIST VALVES AUTOMATRIX AUTOMATIC LIQUID DISTRIBUTION A fully automatic multiple routing liquid product distribution system, it allows full path selection and pigging flexibility from any product source to any destination. • Speeds up changeover and selection times • Lowers contamination and cross-contamination risks • Improved safety and minimise the chances of connection errors A product distribution system that quickly and reliably connects pipelines from multiple sources to multiple destinations. It uses a compact set of rotating arms which enable each part to be easily manoeuvred to the desired position. • Increased space and improved safety - reducing the amount of dedicated pipelines and removing the need for hoses, results in a tidier. more space-efficient layout. • Fully piggable - there are no valves, pockets or dead space and each arm has its own pig launcher. • Lower production costs and increased profits - no valves means a low initial cost, low cost of ownership and a high return on investment. PIGGABLE DIVERTER VALVES INFLATABLE SEAL BALL VALVE (ISBV) The ISBV features an inflatable seal which can be inflated and deflated as required. Once inflated, it doesn’t allow product to pass through but, when deflated, liquid can enter the cavity to clean previously unreachable areas. • Can withs tand the demanding environments of process applications - the valves offer low maintenance, ease of operation and reliability. • Can be dismantled to offer a clear passage - resulting in no pressure loss. A piggable diverter valve specially designed to allow unobstructed product transfer. ROTOMATRIX LIQUID PRODUCT TRANSFER


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